Thursday, January 13, 2011

My two girls

These are two of the best people God has ever placed in my life, my own daughters.

Delaney is a smart girl, who just received a report card with all "A"s. She is quite a social butterfly and already worries about being popular. She enjoys reading, writing and watching movies, as well as doing anything crafty. Thankfully she doesn't like boys yet. :)

Jenna is my brown-eyed angel. She is full of spit and vinegar and keeps me on my toes. She enjoys playing games, making things and drawing and coloring pictures, and she's learning to read. She has a giggle that will melt any heart, and she's very hard to say "no" to. She also just brought home a perfect report card, I'm proud to say.

In the past year, both of my girls were baptized in our church. Both have hearts of gold and think of others often. I'm really proud of both of my girls. I just couldn't help but show them off to the world!

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